TomTom Pro 9150 GPS Launches – Includes Vehicle Tracking

TomTom has launched the TomTom PRO 9150 GPS unit. The new satnav unit includes a 5 inch screen and has been designed for business users. As well as being able to show drivers the best route to travel, the unit also works with WORKsmart and allows real-time communication to an office which in turn, can let management know where its drivers are.

This might seem a bit obtrusive for some, but for a business it allows the company to work more efficiently such as working out which driver is closest to a call out. Rather than having to phone around, the main office can speak direct to a driver who could be minutes away from a call out.

Other features include hands-free calling, voice instructions, speed camera alerts and a capacitive touchscreen. Smart routing, AKA IQ Routes is also included and thanks to the connectivity through a smartphone (or the built in GSM unit), it allows the 9150 to quickly recalculate when traffic updates hint at problems on your planned route.

Eco routing is also available on this unit and is designed to get drivers to their destinations the cheapest way possible.

Technical specs show that it has 2 hours of battery life, should you want to take it out of your vehicle. Bluetooth is also included which allows for hands-free calling. It has 8GB of internal memory. The screen has 480 x 272 pixels.

The PRO 9150 is due to launch in the US, Canada and Mexico and other countries such as the UK, although the exact date and pricing hasn’t been announced yet. Full product details and specifications can be found on the TomTom site.

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