Adobe Software Can Now be Rented – Photoshop $35/Month

If the licenses for Adobe software are a little too much to swallow at once, Adobe is now giving the option of renting its software. Rather than paying the full $699 for a Photoshop license, you have the option of paying either $49/month with no contract or if you agree to 12 months upfront, you can pay $35/month.

Various software packages are available which includes the already mentioned Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Premiere and After Effects. A full chart of pricing can be found below.

Reasons for wanting to rent Adobe software could include cheaper startup costs for a small business, or perhaps you have all the tools you need on an older version except for a single project which requires the latest version. For this reason you might opt to pay the $49 for a single month to get access to the tools you only temporarily need.

The offers are available now and you can grab them in any country where Adobe runs an online store.

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