Thunderbolt Development Kits Promised by Intel – Coming This Quarter

Back on February 24 we saw the launch of the new Apple MacBook Pro line and along with that, the launch of the Thunderbolt port that allows for data to be transferred at high speed to connected devices. At the moment, the only way to use Thunderbolt technology is to buy a new MacBook Pro as well as a compatible Thunderbolt device, of which there are not actually that many (or any) about just yet.

This could all soon change though as Intel is now opening up. Thunderbolt and will be releasing development kits which will allow others to use the technology. The launch of the development kits would see the amount of products available quickly accelerate.

The technology its self allows for data to be transferred between devices at speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. With this high data transfer rate, an example you might understand is that a full HD movie could be copied from a MacBook Pro to an external device within 30 seconds.

A number of companies are also showing interest with HP evaluating the technology and Sony also doing the same. Storage companies such as LaCie and Western Digital have already made storage products that integrate Thunderbolt connectivity, but they are not quite ready for launch yet. Canon, Matrox as well as other companies have also shown interest in the technology.

For now, Intel is using copper wires for the technology but is expected to use optical cabling later on this year that will boost the distance that data can be transmitted as well as perhaps increase the speed at which data can be transmitted.

For those devices already mentioned, LaCie and Western Digital, you can expect those to launch in the Summer of this year.

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