Ex Nintendo and Activision PR Staff Hired by Apple – Rumor

Today, we hear that Apple could be hiring some new staff. This would normally not be too exciting although this time, we hear that the staff being hired are ex Nintendo and Activision PR staff.

The Nintendo staff member is Rob Saunders who was Nintendo UK’s head of PR. It is expected that his role will be related to PR and that the work will revolve around gaming on the iOS platform.

The other PR expert is from Activision, Nick Grange, and from what MVC reports, he will be not involved as much in gaming, put perhaps in the iPad hardware. This could of course mean that he has a lot of input on the hardware and which direction Apple head with the games on the said platform.

Since the launch of the App Store, Apple has seen the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch used heavily for gaming, thanks to the plethora of games available in the App store. By hiring, if confirmed to be true, a couple of PR experts in the field, Apple lools to be getting more serious about gaming on the mobile platform. Expect to hear a lot more in the coming months.

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