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Two Million Galaxy Tab Units Sold in Three Months

Samsung has indicated that it has sold two million Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablets since its launch about three months ago. The device went on sale in October of 2010.

If the numbers are correct, this shows an increase in the sales rate as it took 2 months to reach 1 million and less than 2 months to reach the second million. [Read more…]

The Daily iPad Digital News Paper to be Released 2 February

News Corp has announced the launch date of its new digital news paper called The Daily. The launch date will be February 2 and is believed to be launched in time with the new Apple subscription platform that will be made available in iTunes.

The Daily will be launched at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Apple will have Eddy Cue attending who is the VP of Internet Services. Also, we hear Rupert Murdoch will also be attending the event. [Read more…]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play PlayStation Phone Spotted Again

The PlayStation Phone has again been spotted. This time, Engadget managed to get a full hands-on and test to see if it’s any good. Just like all other details and videos we have seen about this device, this one is also pre-production and therefore, can be a little buggy in places.

The PlayStation Phone is expected to be called the Xperia Play when it is made official at MWC next month. [Read more…]

More Facebook Phone Rumors Revealed

Although the rumors of a Facebook Phone have been denied in the past, we now hear more rumors of the device.

BGR received a tip recently that hinted at the device still being designed. Some of the features to be made available could include location aware coupons, always on GPS, cloud-based storage and a news-ticker style inbox where emails, updates and everything else is put in to a single feed on the home screen. [Read more…]

Sony PSP 2 Codenamed NGP Now Official

Sony has made official the Sony PSP 2. The new device is currently codenamed NGP which means Next Generation Portable. The new portable games machine revolves around five key concepts from what Engadget report…

Revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location-based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual (augmented) Reality.

The PSP 2 is compatible with downloadable PSP games and is also compatible with the PlayStation Suite. Inside is where things get impressive. [Read more…]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK Download Now Available

Google has released the Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK and made it available for download.

The 3.0 available is preview code that allows you to get a look in to what the OS will look like. This will allow developers around the world to test on tablet devices so they can test and see how it performs. [Read more…]

Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile Drops Another $50 in Price

T-Mobile in the US has decided to cut the price of the Galaxy Tab again. This time, it’s knocking off another $50 which decreases the price to $249.99.

This price tag is for those willing to sign a 2 year agreement with T-Mobile. It is expected that the price drop will happen today. [Read more…]

Verizon iPhone Hotspot will Cost $20/Month

When the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced a couple of weeks back, it was quickly noted that this version of the smartphone would have a mobile hotspot feature available to users.

What we hear now is that this will actually be a service users need to pay for. The price tag will be $20/month to make use of the wireless hotspot features. [Read more…]

Google Not Happy With Paid App Growth in the Android Market

Eric Chu from Google told developers this week that Google was not happy with the progress of paid-apps in the Android Market.

With that in mind, a strategy is being rolled out that will see carrier billing pushed to other carriers around the world. Right now, those on AT&T can use carrier billing but it isn’t an option elsewhere. [Read more…]

Motorola Xoom Tablet To Launch February 17 at BestBuy

The Motorola Xoom tablet will be launching on February 17 according to an internal document from BestBuy that was leaked out.

Initially, it was expected that the Xoom would have a price tag of $800 although another leak from Verizon now hints that the price tag will be $699.99 when it launches. [Read more…]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Price Revealed for UK

Sony Ericsson looks set to release the Xperia Arc here in the UK on April 1. The price of the new smartphone will be £459.99 which is for the SIM free model, ie.. not locked to any specific network. Pricing details we first found over on the website. [Read more…]

White iPhone 4 Shows up on Three and Orange in UK

When Apple announced the iPhone almost 8 months ago, they said that black and white versions would be launching. Of course, we waited and waited even longer and still wait now for the white iPhone 4 to launch.

Good news for some is that it looks like the white iPhone 4 might be launching soon as it has started to appear on a number of websites in the UK such as Three and Orange as well as a provider in Germany and has appeared in stock listings for AT&T in the US. [Read more…]