More Facebook Phone Rumors Revealed

Although the rumors of a Facebook Phone have been denied in the past, we now hear more rumors of the device.

BGR received a tip recently that hinted at the device still being designed. Some of the features to be made available could include location aware coupons, always on GPS, cloud-based storage and a news-ticker style inbox where emails, updates and everything else is put in to a single feed on the home screen.

The location aware coupons section of the device would allow you to tell the system what you are interested in and when a coupon is found nearby, it is pushed to your phone to let you know where you can get a discount.

The always on GPS looks like it will follow on with what Google Latitude does in that it will constantly track you if you allow it. This in turn could put a constant stream of updates on to Facebook where you get automatically checked in.

There will be no local storage (or very little of course). It appears that everything you do will be stored online, so when capturing a photo it gets uploaded online rather than being stored locally. We assume there will be memory due to bad signal areas and needing a temporary location to store the images.

It isn’t clear if this device will be called the Facebook Phone, but the idea was apparently tossed around a meeting for over an hour recently.

Although some aspects of the device sound great, those who purchase this type of phone need to be aware that everything they do could be potentially put online. Knowing the Facebook policy of opting everyone in automatically, expect that you’ll be trackable unless you tell it other wise.

Via: BGR


  1. Atlanta Roofing says

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy a Facebook phone but I would be interested to see how it would work because as far as I’m concerned, Facebook sucks on all mobile platforms. Yes….. iOS included.

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