Verizon iPhone Hotspot will Cost $20/Month

When the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced a couple of weeks back, it was quickly noted that this version of the smartphone would have a mobile hotspot feature available to users.

What we hear now is that this will actually be a service users need to pay for. The price tag will be $20/month to make use of the wireless hotspot features.

When activated, the hotspot service allows up to 5 users to wirelessly connect and share the 3G connection on the phone. When purchasing the addon, you get an extra 2GB of data allowance along with it.

As for data pricing on the iPhone, Verizon will be offering unlimited data for $30/month.

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  1. Atlanta Roofing says

    I don’t think it will stop people from going to Verizon especially if they have bad network coverage…as many people are just frustrated with AT&T
    they should concentrate on making their network better and not on things like this…

  2. San Francisco Labor Law Attorney says

    I’m so glad there is competition in the US with the iphone

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