White iPhone 4 Shows up on Three and Orange in UK

When Apple announced the iPhone almost 8 months ago, they said that black and white versions would be launching. Of course, we waited and waited even longer and still wait now for the white iPhone 4 to launch.

Good news for some is that it looks like the white iPhone 4 might be launching soon as it has started to appear on a number of websites in the UK such as Three and Orange as well as a provider in Germany and has appeared in stock listings for AT&T in the US.

Although Apple has said nothing on this officially, it appears that some information has gone out to network providers. The main question now is… is it just too late? With the iPhone 4 expected in the next few months, will people really want a white iPhone 4? We can only wait and see.

Here are the Orange and Three pages.

Via: TiPb

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