Two Million Galaxy Tab Units Sold in Three Months

Samsung has indicated that it has sold two million Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablets since its launch about three months ago. The device went on sale in October of 2010.

If the numbers are correct, this shows an increase in the sales rate as it took 2 months to reach 1 million and less than 2 months to reach the second million.

Although the Galaxy Tab looks to be the best selling Android tablet, it still falls short of the 7.33 million iPads that Apple sold in the same period. In saying that, 2 million still isn’t a bad achievement at all.

At MWC next month in Barcelona, Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Tab 2 which is believed will run Android 3.0. Rumors also hint at a 10 inch model being made available as Android 2.x restricted tablets to just 7 inch screens although that form factor has worked quite well for Samsung it seems.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab came at a good time. It was one of the first real competitors to the iPad. However, this time around it has the iPad 2, Motorola Xoom and many other tablets to fight against.

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