Google Not Happy With Paid App Growth in the Android Market

Eric Chu from Google told developers this week that Google was not happy with the progress of paid-apps in the Android Market.

With that in mind, a strategy is being rolled out that will see carrier billing pushed to other carriers around the world. Right now, those on AT&T can use carrier billing but it isn’t an option elsewhere.

AT&T with carrier billing only started last month although in the next few months a similar system is expected to be in place around the globe with other carriers.

In-app payments will also be starting in the next couple of months allowing free apps to be downloaded from the Market Place and then upgrades to be purchased from within the apps.

Expect a bit of a shakeup also to the search algo’s in the Market Place. Google has identified that the algorithm needs tweaking to bring more variety on searches.

Via: SlashGear

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