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Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste Update Expected Soon

Microsoft has added some instructions to its website which show how to troubleshoot problems while updating Windows Phone 7.

The article covers a bunch of things such as how to work the Zune software and how to connect up a Windows Phone 7 device to your Windows PC. It also covers the Windows Phone 7 connector software that has been designed to run on the Mac. [Read more…]

NookColor Runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb

When the NookColor was launched a few months back, it showed great potential as a cheap Android tablet. This was mainly due to it being rooted. You see, it runs the Android operating system and out of the box, it boots up to the Nook app which in turn, keeps Android in the background.

After rooting it, you can boot the tablet in to Android and then launch the Nook App as and when needed to read books. [Read more…]

Angry Birds Rio Arriving in March

Rovio has announced the launch of Angry Birds Rio. The new app will be launching in March on various phones and tablets.

Angry Birds Rio is also launching as a movie the month after with the game following along with the story line. As the name suggests, this version is based in Rio. [Read more…]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Official Launch Coming This Week

Google is holding an event this Wednesday (Feb 2nd) to officially launch the Google Android 3.0 OS AKA Honeycomb.

The event is being held at the Google headquarters in Mountain View this Wednesday. It’s invite only, so don’t show up if you haven’t received an invitation. [Read more…]

Apple Job Offer Seeks for RFID Experts

We’ve heard a couple of times about RFID arriving on the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2. This information has been further strengthened by a new Apple job listing that requests a payment platform expert in RFID.

RFID is similar to NFC (near field communications) in that it can be used to wirelessly transmit data over a very short distance. In turn, the iPhone 5 or other device with NFC built in can then be used as a mobile e-wallet to pay for items whilst out shopping. [Read more…]

Android Beats Symbian in Sales for Q4 2010

Quarter 4 of 2010 saw Android beat Symbian as the fastest selling smartphone platform in that quarter. In total, 32.9 million Android handsets were shifted the last quarter of last year. Symbian saw 31 million handsets being shifted.

Although that’s very interesting as it is, what makes it even more amazing is that Q3 saw Android with 20.3 million which shows over a 10 million increase in to quarter 4. Compare that to Symbian, they went from 29.9m which shows just over 1 million in growth. [Read more…]

Google Nexus S Reboot Issue To Be Soon Fixed by OTA Update

Those of you who own a Google Nexus S that has random reboot problems, Google has provided an update saying that a fix will be available in the next two weeks.

Google will push out an OTA (over the air) update to Nexus S devices as explained by Ry Guy on a Google Mobile Help Thread.

Hello again everyone,

The initial results of our tests look very promising. At this rate we will most likely be rolling out an OTA to resolve this issue within one to two weeks. We really appreciate your patience as we do our final verifications on this fix before sending it out.

-Ry Guy

[Read more…]

Kindle for Windows Phone 7 Download Now Available

Amazon has launched Kindle for Windows Phone 7. The download is now available from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Just like other versions such as the iPhone, Android and iPad variants, the Windows Phone 7 version allows you to download your already purchased eBooks. The app uses the same Whispersync technology so that you can read on the Windows Phone 7 device and then switch to another device and carry on reading from where you left off. [Read more…]

Dual Core Samsung Galaxy S 2 Confirmed

Samsung has confirmed that two new Galaxy S class devices will be launching at MWC 2011 next month.

The first is the Samsung Galaxy S 2 smartphone and the other is the next generation Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although the devices will be launching at MWC, we wont actually get to use them till later on this year, perhaps at a guess, closer to the year mark of when each originally launched. [Read more…]

Kindle eBooks Outsell Paperback Books

It appears that Amazon has managed to do what many thought would take a lot longer. The company announced on its quarterly call that since the beginning of the year for every 100 paperback books sold at Amazon, there have been 115 Kindle eBooks sold.

Last year, hard cover books were also kicked out by the Kindle in that for every 100 of them sold, Amazon was shifting 143 which is an even more impressive ratio. We now hear that this figure is about 300 to 100 in favor of the Kindle ebook. [Read more…]

Notion Ink Adam Tablet Gets Rooted

The guys at have managed to root the Notion Ink Adam tablet. You might recall that the Notion Ink Adam was released just a week ago.

Reasons for wanting to root the Notion Ink Adam include giving it the ability to run the official Android Market which is absent on the Adam. [Read more…]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb UI Preview

When Google announced the Android 3.0 SDK download yesterday, it allowed developers to run and grab a copy of the new version of Android so that they can begin testing apps ready for the official launch next month.

The Motorola Xoom will be the first tablet to run Android 3.0 Honeycomb when it launches in February.

With the availability of the SDK, it has allowed us to get a sneak peak in to what’s expected on new tablets thanks to the work of Ars Technica. [Read more…]