Orange HD Voice Calling Announced

Orange in the UK has launched HD Voice calling. The service is designed to cut out background noise while calling to provide crystal clear calls.

To make use of the service (which starts today), you need to have a HD voice enabled phone.

HD Voice offers a proven improvement in the sound quality of traditional mobile voice calls. The service eliminates the distance between friends, relatives and colleagues to make callers voices sound like they do when communicating face to face. Reducing the background noise, hisses and crackles of normal mobile calls, HD Voice also excels in noisy environments, so whether you’re at a football match or concert, on a building site or next to heavy traffic – HD Voice gives louder, clearer, sharper mobile calls. This will come as a relief for a third (32%) of Brits who blame background noise including road works or noisy chatty friends as the biggest disturbance in conversations.

Compatible handsets include the Nokia 5230, Nokia X6, Nokia E5 and the Samsung Omnia Pro. More HD Voice enabled handsets will join the ranks over the next few months.

All HD Voice enabled handsets will be labelled with the Orange HD Voice logo, helping customers to easily recognise those devices that support the new Orange HD Voice service. HD Voice demonstration units will also be available in Orange shops.

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