New Screen has Pixels Eight Times Smaller than Retina Display

When Apple [AAPL] launched the iPhone 4, it came with the retina display. The retina display had a higher pixel density squashing more pixels in to an inch than any other mobile screen. The results are that individual pixels cannot be distinguished between when holding the phone at about a foot or more from the eye.

The pixel density could be smashed though as researchers have created a screen that has eight times the pixel density of the retina display. The researchers are based at the University of Michigan who created the screen with nanometer-thin sheets of metal that are named nanresonators.

The image above is the University of Michigan logo that stands just 9 microns tall. Compared to a human hair, it’s about 1/10th of the size as a hair is about 100 microns wide.

It isn’t clear if a screen of such high resolution will be used in a standard mobile phone as the eye can only distinguish between so much, which the retina display is already beyond what the eye can see.

Via: Tuaw

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