Palm WebOS 2.0

Palm looks set to release webOS 2.0 by the end of this year. A number of new features will be included that will enhance the current offerings in every way.

It is expected that WebOS 2.0 will be available on all the current webOS devices although we hope to see some new handsets and perhaps even tablets that will run the next iteration of the software.

Gizmodo has a list of features that will be included in the new update. We’ll just give a brief summary here.

First up is Stacks. Stacks is a card system that is used for multitasking. You basically have a stack of cards with each one being an app. When opening a link in an email for example, your browser opens up in the same stack as it’s in a way, related to the email you are reading. You can rearrange stacks as needed.

Just Type is another feature that allows you to “just type”. This means you have certain quick actions where you can load up a shopping list and edit it quickly, or type in the name of a song to play in your music library for example.

It looks like Palm webOS 2.0 could be a major player. With HP behind it and some decent hardware such as new phones and tablets, we could see some serious competition coming from Palm.

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