Sony Reader eBook Devices Announced

Sony has launched three new Sony Reader devices which bring a number of new features to the table.

The first is the Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition. This particular model costs $179 and has a 5 inch screen. Next up is the Sony Reader PRS-650 Touch Edition that has a 6 inch screen which has a price tag of $229. Finally the Sony Reader PRS-950 Daily Edition is the 7 inch model that costs $299.

Price wise, they are quite expensive it seems, especially when comparing it to the Nook or Amazon Kindle that recently saw price drops.

The new three editions of eBook Readers from Sony have been improved with what they call the new Pearl e-ink which provides better contrast and speed when compared to previous versions. Each screen has an improved touch-sensitive layer also. Each device comes with a stylus to tap and edit contents on the screen.

Each weighs half a pound or less and each has been slimmed down. Memory wise, they have 2GB of internal that can be complimented with either an SD card or a Memory Stick Pro.

The only device with Wireless connectivity is the Daily Edition (the $299 model). It comes with both 3G and Wireless. However, the smaller readers require you use USB or the SD card slot to get books as they feature no connectivity at all which is a bit odd.

Via: Crunch Gear

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