Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Makes Appearance at FCC

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has appeared on the FCC website. The Galaxy Tab is a new Android tablet device that is being launched at IFA this week.

The FCC provides a few details of the device such as the model number which is the SHW-M180S with the description listed as being a “1900 GPRS Mini-Tablet with Bluetooth and WLAN,”.

Reports show that it has wireless which connects up to 802.11a/b/g/n networks along with Bluetooth and 1900 GPRS. No mention of CDMA is present though.

This particular version will not be compatible with Verizon [VZ] although that’s not to say a CDMA compatible version won’t be coming as we have already seen some evidence of this model in the last few days.

We’ll keep an eye on things and look out for the launch tomorrow when the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be unveiled at IFA.

Via: Wireless Goodness

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