New iPhone 4 Hardware Revision Arriving this Month – Rumor

Some rumours are out and about today that indicate that Apple [AAPL] could be launching a revision to the iPhone 4 hardware which would include a fix to the antenna problems.

Of course we should take this with a pinch of salt for a number of reasons, firstly because Apple says there is no problem and by making a revision to the hardware and secondly, it would open up a whole can of worms with millions of users potentially wanting to return their iPhone 4 for a revised model.

However, if the rumours are true then they do fall in line with the free case program which ends on September 30.

According to Marco Quatorze, Telcel’s Director of Value Added Services, the iPhone 4 sold in Mexico will initially be the same hardware as that sold in the U.S. and elsewhere, with Apple offering a free case to address potential issues with antenna performance. But he also noted that as of September 30th, when the free case program expires, revised hardware without the reception issues will become available.

It is unknown what the source of this information is beyond Marco Quatorze. It could also be the case that he thinks the September 30 free case deadline means a fix will be arriving.

We can’t see this happening on the iPhone 4 as it just admits defeat by Apple. Instead, we expect to see a revision on the iPhone 5 when it is launched next year.

Via: MacRumors

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