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myTouch 3G HD Rendering Appears Again

Another shot (rendering) of the myTouch 3G HD has arrived. This time, it shows the back of the device. Last time (yesterday), the front of the device was seen.

Not much is known about the smartphone other than it’s a HSPA+ phone that will work on the T-Mobile network. We also believe when launched, it will run Google Android for the OS. [Read more…]

iPhone 4 on Three Now Available

We just mentioned that the iPhone 4 on T-Mobile is now available in the UK. Also the iPhone 4 on Three is also available as of today. Out of the two carriers who launched the phone today, Three has some amazing deals. If you opt for a 16GB iPhone 4, you can pick one up for £99 costing £30/month. For that you get 500 minutes cross network, 5000 texts, 5000 three to three minutes and 1GB of internet which beats T-Mobile any way you look at it. If you opt for the £45/month plan you can pick up the iPhone 4 for free.

For the 32GB iPhone 4 on Three, the £30/month plan has the phone listed at £189 and on the £45/month contract you can pick up the phone for just £89. [Read more…]

iPhone 4 on T-Mobile UK Now Available

T-Mobile is now selling the iPhone 4 on contract in the UK. All contracts are 24 months long and monthly costs start at £25/month with the 16GB model costing £279.

The cheapest you can pick up the 16GB iPhone 4 for on T-Mobile is free, but you’ll need to pay out £60/month to get it at that price.

The 32GB model cheapest price for the handset is £49 on the £60/month plan and that goes all the way up to £329 on the £25/month plan. [Read more…]

Nintendo 3DS Release Date to Be Revealed on September 29

Nintendo has revealed that it will be releasing the official Nintendo 3DS date along with pricing details on September 29.

We have heard in the past that the release date could be before Christmas 2010, but we have also heard that it could also be after Christmas early in 2011. So basically we don’t know as dates have varied between October 2010 and March 2011 so far. [Read more…]

Magic Trackpad Teardown

iFixit has down a teardown of the Magic Trackpad which launched just a few days ago.

The device is a multi-touch pad designed for the Mac and allows users to use another method to interact with their Windows or Mac based computers.

iFixit point out that this is one of the few Apple [AAPL] products where users can easily get to the batteries. The screw to get to the battery compartment has a square thread which make it more mechanical efficient. [Read more…]

Facebook Questions Launches

Facebook is rolling out a new feature called Facebook Questions that aims to get users to ask questions and have them answered by the 500 million users that are on Facebook.

The service works in a similar way to Yahoo! Answers, Mahalo and others where users can answer each others questions.

The product has been in beta testing for a couple of months now and it appears it was successful as the company is now rolling it out to some users of the platform.

Some interesting features have been pointed out by Mashable which includes the following possibilities…

* Photo questions: For example, if you take a picture of a bird, but don’t know what species it is, you can post the picture on Facebook Questions and get your answer.
* Polling: If you’re simply looking for the answer to Which city is better: Chicago or Dallas?, you can get your answer by creating a poll.
* Tagging: The company seems to be placing a lot of emphasis on tagging questions based on category or topic. The goal seems to be to make Q&A discovery an easier and faster process by making it simple to look up questions on cooking, photography, San Francisco or a variety of other topics.
* Topic exploration: Facebook described this as a roulette-type feature that allows users to browse Facebook’s eventual mountain of Q&A. Under the ‘Questions about drop-down menu, there’s a feature called ‘Everything that allows users to browse the company’s catalog of questions.
* Following: You can follow specific questions for updates and new answers.
* Updated homepage: Facebook Questions does actually change the homepage, adding a new bar at the top of the page where you can choose to update your status, ask a question, add photos, or post a link.

[Read more…]

Sky 3D to Go Live October 1 Across Europe

During the world cup, Sky broadcast some of the matches in 3D. We now hear that the Sky 3D service is rolling out across Europe on the 1st October.

To use the service you’ll need to have a 3D TV and a Sky+HD service. When the channel first goes live, you’ll have access to the following programs…

· This year’s Ryder Cup, with three days of live coverage from Celtic Manor, as Europe take on the US in the most eagerly awaited golf event of the year
· Two of the biggest grossing 3D films to date – Bolt and Monster vs. Aliens – will make their 3DTV debuts

[Read more…]

Samsung Wave Navigation Comes with Free Speed Camera Alert Subscription

The Samsung Wave has a navigation app available for it that comes packed in to the Bada operating system. However, when using it you are presented with a 30 day trial which requires you pay after the 30 days to continue using the service.

In attempt to get more users to sign up for the service, Samsung and Route 66 (who create the navigation app) have launched a new campaign to try tempt you in to purchasing the navigation.

The campaign, headed with a slogan, which could quite possibly be accused of divulging far too much information and lacking a slogan’s quintessential snappiness, of ‘Upgrade your Samsung Wave to LIFETIME navigation now and receive 1 year FREE speed camera updates! I think you’ll agree it pretty much says it all. But, just in case let me explain in a little more detail

[Read more…]

LG Windows Phone 7 Devices Arriving This Year

LG has confirmed again that a Windows Phone 7 smartphone is due to arrive in September. The new smartphone is to be called the Pacific (not fully confirmed – and not the device pictured above). It is expected that more WP7 devices from LG will also arrive later this year in the initial roll out stages of Windows Phone 7.

“We have a deep relationship with Microsoft so expect to have a couple by the end of this year,” said LG rep Ken Hong in Seoul on Wednesday. But LG will also commit resources to other phone operating systems, including Android and other Linux-based platforms, Hong said.

[Read more…]

Apple to Investigate Slow iPhone 3G iOS 4 Problems

When Apple [AAPL] released iOS 4 for the iPhone 3G and 3GS a problem with the iPhone 3G was spotted in that the new OS made the user experience worse in that it ran slow and hesitated a lot.

Apple is aware of the reports and is looking into the matter, a spokeswoman told Digits.

The problems have been listed on the Apple forums since iOS 4 was launched, but have been generally overshadowed by the iPhone 4 antenna problems and generally took a back seat. As quoted above though, Digits managed to get a response from Apple that indicates the company is working on it. [Read more…]

HTC will Ship Android 2.2 on New Smartphones

HTC in China is now starting to ship the HTC Desire with Android 2.2 pre-installed along with HTC Sense.

From what Engadget heard from the company, HTC will be now shipping all HTC smartphones in China with Android 2.2 installed which includes the Wildfire and Tianyi.

It also appears that HTC will be pushing out the Android 2.2 update OTA to all phones that can use it next month meaning that anyone with a HTC smartphone capable of running it, will be running it. [Read more…]

New Amazon Kindle Announced – Two New Models

Amazon has launched two new 6 inch Kindle models.

The two new Kindle models are the 3G version and the Wi-Fi only version which cost $189 and $139 respectively. Each are 21 percent smaller than before and 15 percent lighter. Page turns have been improved by 20 percent and the battery life lasts up to one full month between charges.

Double the storage has been included and the screen has 50 percent better contrast than the previous models. [Read more…]