Samsung Wave Navigation Comes with Free Speed Camera Alert Subscription

The Samsung Wave has a navigation app available for it that comes packed in to the Bada operating system. However, when using it you are presented with a 30 day trial which requires you pay after the 30 days to continue using the service.

In attempt to get more users to sign up for the service, Samsung and Route 66 (who create the navigation app) have launched a new campaign to try tempt you in to purchasing the navigation.

The campaign, headed with a slogan, which could quite possibly be accused of divulging far too much information and lacking a slogan’s quintessential snappiness, of ‘Upgrade your Samsung Wave to LIFETIME navigation now and receive 1 year FREE speed camera updates! I think you’ll agree it pretty much says it all. But, just in case let me explain in a little more detail

If you want to take up the offer then you need to visit on your Samsung Wave, or on your computer to activate the service. Remember that you get the free camera updates for a year and the navigation for lifetime of the phone.

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