iPhone 4 on Three Now Available

We just mentioned that the iPhone 4 on T-Mobile is now available in the UK. Also the iPhone 4 on Three is also available as of today. Out of the two carriers who launched the phone today, Three has some amazing deals. If you opt for a 16GB iPhone 4, you can pick one up for £99 costing £30/month. For that you get 500 minutes cross network, 5000 texts, 5000 three to three minutes and 1GB of internet which beats T-Mobile any way you look at it. If you opt for the £45/month plan you can pick up the iPhone 4 for free.

For the 32GB iPhone 4 on Three, the £30/month plan has the phone listed at £189 and on the £45/month contract you can pick up the phone for just £89.

As mentioned above, the iPhone 4 is now available on Three as of today. Full price plans, terms and the store can be found over here. One thing to note is that all price plans are 24 months. If you want a 12 month contract, Tesco Mobile also have some good deals on although they are currently out of stock at the moment.


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