iPhone 4 on T-Mobile UK Now Available

T-Mobile is now selling the iPhone 4 on contract in the UK. All contracts are 24 months long and monthly costs start at £25/month with the 16GB model costing £279.

The cheapest you can pick up the 16GB iPhone 4 for on T-Mobile is free, but you’ll need to pay out £60/month to get it at that price.

The 32GB model cheapest price for the handset is £49 on the £60/month plan and that goes all the way up to £329 on the £25/month plan.

For data, T-Mobile have cut back a little on previous offerings allowing for just 500MB on most plans with two highest priced plans offering 750MB and 1GB.

What do you think of the T-Mobile iPhone 4 pricing? Is it enough to make you switch?

Full price plan details can be found here.


  1. Simon Dale says

    Is this better or worse than the other deals availale? I believe Tesco Mobile were/ are the cheapest for iPhone 4?

    I signed up with Vodafone and got an iPhone 4 on launch day (and its definitely not the cheapest deal…but I had to have it…doh!) but I’d be interested know which deal is actually the cheapest – IE the lowest total cost of ownership/ best value per minute of talk time/ per MB of data.

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