LG Windows Phone 7 Devices Arriving This Year

LG has confirmed again that a Windows Phone 7 smartphone is due to arrive in September. The new smartphone is to be called the Pacific (not fully confirmed – and not the device pictured above). It is expected that more WP7 devices from LG will also arrive later this year in the initial roll out stages of Windows Phone 7.

“We have a deep relationship with Microsoft so expect to have a couple by the end of this year,” said LG rep Ken Hong in Seoul on Wednesday. But LG will also commit resources to other phone operating systems, including Android and other Linux-based platforms, Hong said.

LG doesn’t have many new Windows Mobile devices, so the new smartphones it has lined up are really a new step in to the Windows area after launching a few Android devices recently.

We do not have any other specific dates or details on other smartphones that will be Windows Phone 7 based from LG at the moment although we are expecting a number of announcements over the coming weeks.

Via: Electronista

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