New Amazon Kindle Announced – Two New Models

Amazon has launched two new 6 inch Kindle models.

The two new Kindle models are the 3G version and the Wi-Fi only version which cost $189 and $139 respectively. Each are 21 percent smaller than before and 15 percent lighter. Page turns have been improved by 20 percent and the battery life lasts up to one full month between charges.

Double the storage has been included and the screen has 50 percent better contrast than the previous models.

The doubled storage capacity is now capable of holding 3,500 eBooks allowing for your full library to be held in your hand while travelling. As the Kindle uses an e-Ink screen, it allows for far better battery life than devices that use LCD.

The 3G wireless model has no subscription charges. When you purchase the 3G model, no monthly bills come for using the 3G connection.

Kindle offers the largest selection of the most popular books people want to read. The U.S. Kindle Store now has more than 630,000 books, including New Releases and 109 of 111 New York Times Best Sellers. Over 510,000 of these books are $9.99 or less, including 80 New York Times Best Sellers. Over 1.8 million free, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books are also available to read on Kindle. Kindle lets you buy your books once and read them everywhere-on Kindle, Kindle DX, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, and Android-based devices. Amazon’s Whispersync technology syncs your place across devices, so you can pick up where you left off. With Kindle Worry-Free Archive, books you purchase from the Kindle Store are automatically backed up online in your Kindle library on Amazon where they can be re-downloaded wirelessly for free, anytime.

The Amazon Kindle can be pre-ordered now with shipping expected on August 27.


  1. I think that the future of Amazon’s digital books is going to be on your phone, which is always with you. I don’t see the point of buying the Kindle now.

    • The Kindle has been the best selling product on Amazon for a few years now, so I guess it will continue that way. I use Kindle on my iPhone but also have it on my iPad and prefer it on a larger screen device. I don’t think the Kindle will die down any time soon.

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