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Google Phone Nexus One Specs Revealed

We have heard a lot recently about the Google Nexus One (N1) which has been rumoured to be launching soon. Finally we have the official specs to go along with what looks to be a fantastic phone.

The Nexus One will be a tri-band phone (900/1700/2100 MHz) UTMS and quad-band GSM which allows it to work on the T-Mobile network in the US. Features include a 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen that according to one person who had a look at the phone said it was the best looking screen they had seen. [Read more…]

Photosmile 5000 Office Photography Machine

The Photosmile 5000 is a system that allows you to capture 360 degree images of a product. Inside the Photosmile 5000 is a turntable that you place the object on. A rail system is also part of the device and allows the camera to be moved 90 degrees on an arc. Both the camera and the turntable are controlled by computer allowing the product to be spun 360 degrees while the camera takes the shots. This allows you to place the product in the Photosmile 5000 and leave the computer to move the object around. [Read more…]

Apple iSlate – Rumoured Name of the Tablet

On the internet a number of things are tracked and historical data of changes kept. One of the things tracked is domain names where tools are available to track changes to domain names over time. After a bit of investigating MacRumors managed to track down the domain name as being registered to Apple for a brief amount of time, ie a couple of weeks, before going private.

Although the evidence isn’t 100% proof that this is what it will be called, it is expected that Apple will use this domain name for their new tablet device that is now expected to be called the iSlate. [Read more…]

Pedal Brain iPhone App

Pedal Brain is a new app launching soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to track cycling in a similar way to how Nike+ functions. The application is described as being far more powerful than the Nike+ running version though.

The Pedal Brain system uses the ANT+ wireless protocol to connect devices together and let them all communicate with your iPhone. By attaching a special receiver to your iPhone the application is capable of capturing data and then allowing you to look over it after your journey is complete. [Read more…]

HTC Espresso Sense UI Captured on Camera

A few days ago we mentioned the HTC Espresso was spied with some updated Sense UI features. The images of the ROM showed some new buttons that had translucent backgrounds along with a bit more integration with contacts.

A video has now been revealed showing the ROM in action that is running on a HTC Hero. Although it does look like quite a nice ROM the main problems I see on the video is the lack of response to the user touching the screen and a bit of lag with things loading up. One thing to note though is that it is running on different hardware to what it was designed to run on, so perhaps with some tweaks to the ROM things will function at a decent speed. [Read more…]

Android 2.0 or 2.0.1 Coming to T-Mobile G1

Those of you with a T-Mobile G1 could be getting an OTA (over the air) update very soon taking Android on your phone to version 2.0 or perhaps even 2.0.1.

The Android Eclair update brings a number of feature to Android phones. What we do hope for is T-Mobile launching Android 2.1 which we have recently seen on the Nexus One.

One thing to remember though is that these are still just rumours and might or might not be true. [Read more…]

Cipher Drinking Glass Gadget

The Cipher Drinking glass is a concept gadget that uses a bunch of colours on the side of the glass to represent the sort of drink inside the glass.

The drinking glass concept was designed by Damjan Stankovic and in all honesty, I doubt we will see them soon unfortunately. Anyway, the glasses as mentioned above, show the contents of what is inside the glass such as Orange, Milk or what ever. When empty a bunch of random squares can be seen on the glass as part of the design. [Read more…]

Motorola DROID gets Wi-Fi Tether Unofficially

For those who want to use wireless tethering on their Motorola DROID, it is now possible thanks to users over at droid forums. For a while it has already been possible to use USB tethering to access the internet, but now it is possible to use your DROID as a wireless router and allow several people connect and share the data connection.

The hack is courtesy of a user called webacoustics who managed to build a custom firmware from version 2.0.1. To get it working does require root as can be expected as well as a custom kernel and recovery image, but the instructions are laid out easily enough to follow although as always I recommend that you proceed with any rooting type stuff at your own risk. I’ve personally never had a problem rooting a phone but it can be known to brick your phone if your not careful. [Read more…]

Death Star Blue Prints Revealed

Ever wanted to build your own Death Star or perhaps a Light Sabre or Darth Vader mask? This book is for you. The Star Wars Blue Prints book provides all the details you need on how to build all of the above items. Of course you’ll need quite a large factory (about the size of a small moon) if you want to build a full operational Death Star as well as means to get it up in to space, but forgetting the small obstacles you’ll have all you need to get going.

It actually looks like quite an interesting book for times when there isn’t much going on and well worth paying the $14 or so dollars for someone’s Christmas present (although if you are still shopping now then you’ll have to pay for next day shipping to get it on time). [Read more…]

Google Phone N1 gets 5 Minute Interface Preview

Currently we only have a few snippets of video of the boot screen on the N1 (nexus one) phone. That is until now though as someone has posted a 5 minute preview detailing a number of features from the Nexus One including a full interface walk through.

Looking at the video it appears to run very smoothly especially when you see the menu’s moving, Market Place scrolling and web pages loaded. Note that it is running over a wifi connection, but overall speed just seems to show the Nexus One being a lot more snappy than other phones. [Read more…]

Next Gen Apple iPhone Might get 5 Mega Pixel Camera

According to Digitimes sources Apple [AAPL] have placed an order for a number of 5 megapixel CMOS image sensors to be used in next generation Apple products. This could mean that if an iPhone is launched next year that it will sport a better camera than previous models. Anonymous sources have stated that the order was specifically for the next generation iPhone due out in the middle of 2010.

Although no official information has been provided by Apple on this case, and it never will be until they announce the phone mid next year, we are left with just speculation or rumour at the moment. [Read more…]

Nexus One QR Code Scanned

Yesterday we came across a few more pictures of the Nexus One. One that stood out was the N1 pictures here which had the QR code revealed on the back. Previously this image was covered with post-it notes so nobody knew what was behind it.

After a bit of scanning and searching someone has managed to decode the barcode pictured on the back of the phone. The code takes you to a web address of this which is a game for the Nexus One Google Phone. If you visit the link from anything but a Nexus One phone you are just redirected back to the home page of the Android website. However, someone has managed to work around this to let you play the game elsewhere. [Read more…]