Apple iSlate – Rumoured Name of the Tablet

On the internet a number of things are tracked and historical data of changes kept. One of the things tracked is domain names where tools are available to track changes to domain names over time. After a bit of investigating MacRumors managed to track down the domain name as being registered to Apple for a brief amount of time, ie a couple of weeks, before going private.

Although the evidence isn’t 100% proof that this is what it will be called, it is expected that Apple will use this domain name for their new tablet device that is now expected to be called the iSlate.

It is expected that Apple will make an announcement as early as next month with details on the iSlate being mentioned. I wonder if it will have all the features previously mentioned and be as fancy as what we saw on video recently.

Via: MacRumors/SlashGear


  1. The apple “iS late.” Anybody else see something wrong with choosing this name? My guess is that this is a ruse to throw everyone off.

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