HTC Espresso Sense UI Captured on Camera

A few days ago we mentioned the HTC Espresso was spied with some updated Sense UI features. The images of the ROM showed some new buttons that had translucent backgrounds along with a bit more integration with contacts.

A video has now been revealed showing the ROM in action that is running on a HTC Hero. Although it does look like quite a nice ROM the main problems I see on the video is the lack of response to the user touching the screen and a bit of lag with things loading up. One thing to note though is that it is running on different hardware to what it was designed to run on, so perhaps with some tweaks to the ROM things will function at a decent speed.

New features I can see are the slide down bar now featuring a recently used apps tray allowing you to quickly access features you either most use or last used. That particular tray looks to use up to 4 icons although it might extend to 8 or more if it goes over 2 rows.

Check out the video below to see it in action. For details on the ROM and where to get hold of it, check out MobileTechWorld and HTCPedia.

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