Nexus One QR Code Scanned

Yesterday we came across a few more pictures of the Nexus One. One that stood out was the N1 pictures here which had the QR code revealed on the back. Previously this image was covered with post-it notes so nobody knew what was behind it.

After a bit of scanning and searching someone has managed to decode the barcode pictured on the back of the phone. The code takes you to a web address of this which is a game for the Nexus One Google Phone. If you visit the link from anything but a Nexus One phone you are just redirected back to the home page of the Android website. However, someone has managed to work around this to let you play the game elsewhere.

To find out how to get the game working at the holiday URL linked above, follow the instructions over at Phandroid that talks you through making a few changes to get it to work elsewhere.


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