Photosmile 5000 Office Photography Machine

The Photosmile 5000 is a system that allows you to capture 360 degree images of a product. Inside the Photosmile 5000 is a turntable that you place the object on. A rail system is also part of the device and allows the camera to be moved 90 degrees on an arc. Both the camera and the turntable are controlled by computer allowing the product to be spun 360 degrees while the camera takes the shots. This allows you to place the product in the Photosmile 5000 and leave the computer to move the object around.

Photosmile 5000 Features

* PC-controlled camera positioning, turntable movement, camara zooming and tilt
* PC-controlled turntable (embedded)
* PC-controlled camera zooming and tilt
* Consistent, PC-controlled lighting
* System and camera control software
* Compatible Canon SLR camera
* Flash and Ortery Real3D animation output
* Remote image capture, batch image editing, image stitching, watermarking, custom defined photo sequences at multiple angles

To see the system full working check out the video below which shows exactly what results it is capable of creating.

More details can be found here on the companies site. Via: OhGizmo


  1. Trong Hoangminh says

    I wanted buy the photosmile 5000 for my work. Please send to me catalog, price of this intrusment.

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