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Office 2010 will Ship in June

microsoft-office2010Microsoft have confirmed that Microsoft Office 2010 will launch in June next year. If you don’t want to wait till June 2010 to get your hands on a copy of Office 2010 then perhaps you could download the free Beta version now.

The Office 2010 download is available over here and from what I have tested appears to be fully functional. [Read more…]

Windows gets a new BSOD – the Black Screen of Death

Windows-7When booting up Microsoft Windows you may be having problems with what is being called a black screen of death. The black screen of death was reported after a number of users installed the latest patches on what has now been named Patch Tuesday. It seems that one of the security fixes actually causes a bit more damage rather than fixing a security hole.

At the moment, Microsoft are still looking in to the issue. If you are seeing a BSOD (black, not blue) and are just seeing a My Computer explorer window then luckily there is a fix thanks to Prevx (a security company). [Read more…]

HTC Hero Android 2.1 Available at XDA Developers

Hero-Android-2-1Yesterday we showed you some screen shots of Android 2.1 running on the Hero. The guys over at XDA Developers have managed to obtain a leaked copy of the OS and made it available for download on the Hero.

The installation of the ROM is fairly straight forwards although you will first need to root your phone. After that you simply run a backup, wipe the phone and install the new ROM.

As the procedure does involve messing with the ROM and installing the ROM we always recommend proceeding with caution as you might end up with an expensive brick. [Read more…]

Sony FVA-U1 – Vein Pattern Recognition

Sony-FVA-U1Sony have created the smallest and lightest vein pattern recognition finger scanner in the form of a small USB device. The vein reader is called the Sony FVA-U1 and will be launched December 18 in Japan.

The unit weighs just 33g and measures 70 x 14.5 x 58mm in size. [Read more…]

Pub Landlord in UK fined £8000 for Customer Pirate Downloads

piracy-skull-and-cross-swords“The Cloud” is a company based in the UK that provides wireless internet in pubs across the UK. The managing director of the company mentioned recently that a pub owner was recently fined £8,000 due to one of the people logging in to the wi-fi service downloaded copyrighted material.

It’s an interesting case which I wont go fully in to here, but it’s certainly an eye opener for those offering a Wi-fi service as part of their business in that they need to be more vigilant in keeping track of who logs in and what they do. [Read more…]

Nintendo Monopoly Board Game

nintendo_monopolyThere are a ton of versions of Monopoly starting at the regular version with London streets, moving on to more advanced “chip and pin” versions along to City versions, custom versions and now, a Nintendo Monopoly. The Nintendo themed Monopoly game brings Mario characters to the classic game and includes a whole board themed as Mario. When paying tax, you pay it to Bowser and the playing pieces are in the shape of Nintendo accessories and in-game items such as a Koopa Shell.

Although the game is the same in that you shake dice, move around the board and buy properties, it does add a bit more fun to the game. [Read more…]

Portable Netbook DVD Drive

Netbook-DriveDue to their small size, Netbooks tend not to have optical drives installed on them. The Portable Netbook DVD drive is an external clamshell USB based drive that allows DVD-ROM’s to be accessed on a netbook.

With the drive being portable it can be easily carried around if needed and connected up as and when you want to access a DVD. The drive is about the size of a CD jewel case and requires just the USB cable to transfer data and keep the drive powered. [Read more…]

Android Developer Challenge 2 Results

android_adcStarting August 1st this year, Google opened up an Android Developer challenge to see who could come up with the best application. After a few months of developing the results are now in with the winners announced.

The winners of the Android Developer Challenge 2 are firstly an application called SweetDreams that allows you to automatically change your settings to aviod calls at night.

Next is the “What the Doodle!?” application that functions as a real-time online multiplayer game. The idea behind the game is that one player draws out a given phrase and other connected need to guess what is drawn.

Finally in the winners area is WaveSecure that protects the data and privacy of your Android based phone. The application allows you to track the location of your phone, track who is using it. Other features in WaveSecure allow you to remotely lock down your phone as well as back up data, remote wipe your phone and restore data. [Read more…]

RED Scarlet Compact Professional Camera

Red-Scarlet-BackThe RED Scarlet is a digital camera aimed at professionals. The camera is more portable than other versions although it’s still very much geared to professionals. It is priced at $4750 and comes supplied with a fixed lens. If you opt for the body only then you can expect to pay $2750.

On the technical side of things the camera has a fixed 8x zoom or an interchangeable mount. Not much information is known about the lens although CrunchGear expect it will be a T/2.8 or so. [Read more…]

Zii Trinity 1080p Android Smartphone

Zii-TrinityThe Zii StemCell processor is described as being a system-on-a-chip that runs on an ARM Cortex Chip. The system was designed to power gadgets such as mobile phones along with PMP’s and settop boxes.

Information on a new Zii powered smartphone has been revealed that runs the Android OS. The smartphone is called the Zii Trinity and runs a 1GHz processor and has support for 3D graphics along with a 1080p HDMI output port.

The Zii Trinity has a 3.1 inch multi touch OLED screen that can display a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Hardware support is used for the 3D graphics and support for OpenGL 2.0 accelerated gaming is also available. [Read more…]