Pedal Brain iPhone App

Pedal Brain is a new app launching soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to track cycling in a similar way to how Nike+ functions. The application is described as being far more powerful than the Nike+ running version though.

The Pedal Brain system uses the ANT+ wireless protocol to connect devices together and let them all communicate with your iPhone. By attaching a special receiver to your iPhone the application is capable of capturing data and then allowing you to look over it after your journey is complete.

Other systems are available such as Map My Ride although other systems do not communicate with ANT+ devices and reply on GPS alone. Pedal Brain uses both GPS and ANT+ devices. Another similar idea is a device built by Garmin called the Garmin Edge 500 that allows you to use an ANT+ wireless heart rate monitor although having a similar app on the iPhone would certainly allow for more details to be represented on screen.

Pedal Brain has already had the accessory approved and it should be on sale in March costing between $130 and $190. A subscription will also be required if you want to retain data for longer than a couple of weeks.

Via: TechCrunch

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