Motorola DROID gets Wi-Fi Tether Unofficially

For those who want to use wireless tethering on their Motorola DROID, it is now possible thanks to users over at droid forums. For a while it has already been possible to use USB tethering to access the internet, but now it is possible to use your DROID as a wireless router and allow several people connect and share the data connection.

The hack is courtesy of a user called webacoustics who managed to build a custom firmware from version 2.0.1. To get it working does require root as can be expected as well as a custom kernel and recovery image, but the instructions are laid out easily enough to follow although as always I recommend that you proceed with any rooting type stuff at your own risk. I’ve personally never had a problem rooting a phone but it can be known to brick your phone if your not careful.

Full details of how to proceed including rooting, kernel and recovery image instructions are found over on Droid Forums. If you manage to get it working then do post a comment below as we’d be interested in knowing what sorts of up/down stream speeds are achieved.

Via: TheGadgets


  1. Seems very complicated to get wireless tethering. On my Omnia 2 All I had to do was install wmwiirouter and presto, it worked 2 minutes later.

  2. Well I have the HTC droid eris and it is rooted running android 2.2 with all the great benefits of wired and wireless tethering. My down speed on the pc was 2.1mbps and up was 1.2mbps. Everyone needs root on their device, it opens up so many possibilities. You will never want to go back to stock.

  3. I rooted my Moto Droid last night and now am enjoying the wireless tethering. I had 4Mb downstream and 1Mb up today!

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