Buffalo Announce a USB 3.0 12X Blu-Ray Burner

Buffalo have just announced that they are launching a 12x Blu-Ray burner that also has USB 3.0 connectivity. The burner is called the BR-X1216U3 and does support USB 2.0 for those who haven’t upgraded their motherboards or controllers to support USB 3.0. However, when using the slower 2.0 transfer speeds you are restricted to a 7x burn for Blu-Ray discs.

Currently the Buffalo 12x burner is only compatible with Windows based machines (XP/Vista or 7).

There are a few problems with this burner though. It might be the first 12x Blu-ray burner on the market and it might utilise USB 3.0, but as you can’t yet get 12x Blu-ray disks (that I can find anywhere), and USB 3.0 isn’t really out yet then you might be a little stuck. I guess if you are happy sticking to a slightly slower USB 2.0 speed then it will work for you on the hope that you can get the faster speeds in the future.

The Blu-Ray 12x burner will be available next month costing $460.

Via: CrunchGear

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