Nokia 6750 Going to Rogers Wireless

nokia6750Rogers Wireless announced yesterday that they will be bringing the Nokia 6750 on to their network. The Nokia 6750 is a mobile designed for those who want access to social networking on the go.

The Nokia 6750 is a flip phone covered in chrome with back lights that allow it to light up in a variety of colours such as blue, pink, orange, green, purple and red. When closed, the phone has an external display that shows the current time and other information such as missed calls and messages.

The phone has a 2.0 megapixel camera with software allows it to be connected to social networking sites allowing you to quickly upload photos directly from the phone.

‘The Nokia 6750 is the go-to phone for busy, on-the-move consumers because it responds to their need for an all-in-one mobile device in one user-friendly and stylish package, said Richard White, General Manager, Nokia Canada . ‘The Nokia 6750’s illuminating display colours pack a whole lot of personality into the device for a truly unique mobile experience.

For storing music the Nokia 6750 has a microSD card slot that can accept cards up to 32GB in capacity.

The phone costs $99.99 along with a hefty 3 year contract.

Press Release Via: Coolest Gadgets

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