iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock

ixp3_internet_messaging_clock_ondeskThe iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock is a gadget you can put on your office desk. It features a swinging arm that has red LED’s on it. When waved back and forth fast, it gives the illusion of floating text in the air which is used to display messages.

A port in the back allows you to connect it to a router. The port is a standard RJ45 socket that allows Ethernet to be run direct from the router to the clock and make it internet connected.

Once connected to your router you simply register the device online and messages sent to the service are displayed floating in mid air on the clock.

iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock Features

* Desktop clock that uses waving LEDs to create floating text
* Internet enabled
* RJ-45 Ethernet port built in
* Messages sent through www.myixp3.com
* Displays time, date, temperature, and messages sent through the Internet
* Ships with US 110v plug, for other regions you only need a plug adapter
* No subscription fees

Available from ThinkGeek costing $124.99.


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