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Samsung SNE-50K eBook Reader

Samsung_ebook_readerThe Samsung SNE-50K is a new eBook Reader that enters the already competitive eBook Reader market. To be successful it will need to go up against the Amazon Kindle that is backed by a huge brand as well as the Plastic Logic eBook Reader that has Barnes & Noble providing eBooks for it.

The SNE-50K has a 5 inch screen that has a resolution of 600×800 pixels. It weighs 6.5 ounces and has half a gig of memory. The device also has handwriting recognition built in and can read text files, PDF’s and MS office documents. [Read more…]

Acer AspireRevo Nettop

Acer-AspireRevo-NettopThe Acer AspireRevo is a nettop that features a dual-core Atom 330 CPU. Inside the little box you will also find 4GB of RAM and the option of 320GB or 500GB of storage.

Prices for the AspireRevo are $494 for the 320GB version and $565 for the 500GB version when launched in the next few weeks. [Read more…]

32GB Pico Flash Drive from Super Talent

super-talent-pico-usb-32gbSuper Talent have managed to squeeze 32GB of NAND based Flash storage on to it’s tiny thumb-sized USB drive. The 6 new drives are named the Pico drives and have a transfer speed of up to 30MB/second.

Each of the new drives are waterproof and the 3 high end USB drives also feature AES 256bit security to protect the data you store on them. [Read more…]

Netbook TV Tuner to be Launched

haupmxL5007T1MaxLinear and Hauppauge Digital are working together to create a UMPC and netbook TV card. The netbook TV card will allow HD signals to be received over the air. The tv tuners for the netbook are based on the MXL5007T CMOS silicon tuner that MaxLinear builds.

As well as being able to pick up HD signals OTA the TV tuners will be capable of European standards that includes DVB-H, DMB-T, DVB-T and QAM. [Read more…]

Tron Legacy Trailer

Tron-LegacyI just came across the Tron Legacy (Tron 2.0, Tr2n etc..) trailer today and have to say it looks like it will be great. The new film will star Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wild, Bruce Boxleitner and will be released in 2010.

The film is a follow on from the Tron film back in the early 80’s. It is being shot in 3D and should be making it to the huge screen over at Imax cinemas which will be good. [Read more…]

LG 21:9 BL40 Phone Spotted

lg_bl40_leakThe LG BL40 phone which has a unique 21:9 screen aspect ratio was spotted recently in a more public setting. A team over at Sina managed to take a quick look at a BL40 prototype and also were able to grab a couple of pictures of it.

The phone certainly is different having that very wide cinema style aspect ration which makes the phone also slightly longer than normal. The screen measures 4 inches and is 800 x 345 pixels in resolution. Multi-touch is included on the screen and the LG BL40 uses LG’s S-Class 3D user interface. [Read more…]

What will the Apple iTablet be Actually Called?

itablet-trendsIt seems like most people are referring to Apple’s latest product to be launched as the iTablet. Snippets however think that this goes against the trend at Apple due to all the “i” named products released over the last 11 years each just having 1 syllable. A couple like iMovie and iPhoto have been launched but they were far from major releases.

If Apple follow this “i” followed by a single syllable then it seems Tablet is out of the question. [Read more…]

Microsoft Jumps into Bar Code Marketing

Microsoft-TagBy Denny Curtis… Microsoft, undoubtedly the best known software company in the world, has combined your mobile smart phone, the internet and printed material by creating an interactive 2D barcode reader that adds a whole new dimension to printed material. This new service is called ‘Microsoft Tag and it has the potential to change the world as we know it because it changes printed material into interactive services that bring flat printed articles to life. You can download this exciting application right now ¦ for free!

Where can you get this new software? You can download it to your smart phone by going to the Microsoft website and following the directions or you can download the tagreader application only at [Read more…]

Android Donut Code Drop

Android-DonutAndroid developer Jean-Baptiste Quero has done a code drop for the Android OS. The new update is called Donut and although not quite ready for release, it shows some good things are coming.

The ROM is actually available to download if you want to test out the progress of it so far (grab it here) although I’d recommend not downloading and installing just yet as most of the stuff doesn’t work yet. [Read more…]

iPhone Spotify Coming Soon

Spotify-iPhoneSpotify is becoming huge over the recent months and is now making it’s way to the iPhone. The spotify app has been sent over to Apple for approval to be added to the App Store. If approved it will allow you to create playlists and share them with others by creating a permanent URL for linking to. Services like ShareMyPlaylists are also handy here to see what other music tastes Spotify users have.

One great feature about the iPhone version of Spotify is that you can select a playlist you want to listen to and have all tracks downloaded to cache in case you need to listen to music off line. [Read more…]

WD Scorpio Blue SATA 2.5-inch hard drive – 1TB Industry First

wd-scorpio-blue-hddWestern Digital have created the highest capacity 2.5″ with a 12.5mm form factor hard drive. The highest of the 2 new drives can store 1TB of data and uses a 333 GB per platter technology. As well as a 1TB model being available WD will also create a 750GB model which I assume uses 3 x 250GB platters.

The drives are designed to be used in portable computers such as laptops and will provide a huge amount of storage space allowing for media to easily be carried around. [Read more…]

Acer Aspire One gets Full HD Upgrade

acer_netbook_broadcom_bcm70012_hd_upgradeNetbooks tend to struggle with HD video thanks to Intel’s GMA 950 graphics chip. What they could really do with is a Broadcom BCM70012 video accelerator that is capable of handling up to 1080p full HD resolutions.

The Broadcom BCM70012 is a mini PCI-e card that takes the strain off of the internal CPU. Not many netbooks actually come with this cool chip though (probably to cut costs down), so Terracode have upgraded their own Acer Aspire One 8.9″ netbook to include this chip. [Read more…]