Android Donut Code Drop

Android-DonutAndroid developer Jean-Baptiste Quero has done a code drop for the Android OS. The new update is called Donut and although not quite ready for release, it shows some good things are coming.

The ROM is actually available to download if you want to test out the progress of it so far (grab it here) although I’d recommend not downloading and installing just yet as most of the stuff doesn’t work yet.

New features to be included in Donut are CDMA support allowing it to move to Sprint as well as Verizon and a number of software changes that include gesture based controls as well as a system wide search option. VPN support will be thrown in, updated camera software, speech synthesizer, power controls and text widgets. The Android Donut update when finished and pushed out to phones should also improve the performance of the G1.

Hopefully we will see the update in the next month or so.

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