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Deal of the Day – Linksys NAS200 2 Bay Drive Enclosure

Linksys-NAS200Today Amazon are offering 47% off a 2 bay NAS enclosure that can take up to 2 SATA drives and connect to your network via Ethernet. The 47% off brings the price of the Linksys NAS200 down from $139.99 to $74.50.

If you run out of storage the NAS200 also has two USB 2.0 ports so you can connect even more hard drives or flash drives to it. As the NAS200 is network based it requires no PC to connect it to. It sits on your network and allows anyone else on the network to securely transfer files to it either by FTP or HTTP. [Read more…]

Apple Tablet set for September Launch

apple-tabletAccording to the FT, Apple could be launching the Apple Tablet in September along with some new iPods and some new iTunes features created for those items.

Apple are wanting to offer a portable and full featured tablet sized device ready for this Christmas. It will feature a 10 inch touchscreen and run the iPhone OS. Connectivity to the net will be over Wi-fi making it function like a large iPod Touch. [Read more…]

RadioShack to Sell T-Mobile Products

radioshack-logoRadioShack has announced that it will be be offering T-Mobile products in 4000 stores nationwide in the US. The deal will allow for produts such as the G1 and the MyTouch to be sold in-store.

This new deal between the 2 companies gives T-Mobile a much bigger presence on the high street. [Read more…]

Nintendo Game and Watch Full Collection

game-and-watch-nintendoJust this morning we wrote about how some new miniature keyring sized Game & Watch games were available over on Firebox. We have since been introduced to an original collection of every single game & watch ever made. It will set you back no less than $10999 to get your hands on the collection over on eBay. [Read more…]

ioSafe Solo Review

ioSafe-SoloWe recently received an ioSafe Solo external harddrive for review. The ioSafe Solo is slightly different to most external backup solutions in that it’s both fireproof and waterproof.

The single harddrive inside has a capacity of 500GB – 1.5TB depending on the model and is surrounded in metal that measures 11 x 7.1 x 5 inches that provides a protective layer around the drive. On the waterproof side it can be dunked for 3 days in up to 10 feet of water without causing damage to the drive inside. On the fireproof side of things the drive can withstand temperatures up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes. [Read more…]

DIY Augmented Reality Display

diy_wearable_computerWe are seeing more of augmented reality in these last few weeks in products such as the iPhone, business cards and now the DIY wearable computer with heads up unit that creates an augmented reality display.

Augmented reality is a mixture of bringing internet and computer related information with every day life and this DIY augmented reality display headset makes use of this technology. By using a Motorola iDEN i425 the unit has an always-on internet connection. A Myvu Crystal is used for the HUD and a Sony UMPC attaches it altogether. [Read more…]

Split Stick Double Headed Flash Drive

split-stickIf you need a quick and easy way to completely separate business and personal data then this handy USB Split Stick flash drive could be the answer.

The Split Stick has 2 USB connectors built in. Each connector is placed on each end of the flash drive and depending what you need to access you just insert the correct side of the drive in to the USB port on your computer. [Read more…]

Garmin-Asus Finally Confirm G60 for this Month in Taiwan

garmin-nuvifone-g60Surely this isn’t true, but yet, it seems to be the case. The nuvifone G60 built by Garmin and Asus will be hitting Taiwan this month on the 27th.

The nuvifone G60 has been delayed many times in the past. It was maybe 3 or 4 months ago I had a look at one myself expecting it to be launched that same month, yet it kept getting delayed and for some magical reason it’s almost here. [Read more…]

Nintendo Mini Classics Bring Donkey Kong to Keyring

Nintendo-Mini-ClassicBack in the 80’s the Game & Watch style games were the best handhelds we had until the likes of the Nintendo Gameboy came along. Now the Game & Watch series are back but this time in a smaller keychain size. The games are fully licensed and currently 3 of the best titles are avialable which includes Donkey Kong Jr, Mario’s Cement Factory and Super Mario Bros.

Each game also has a retractable stand on the back allowing it to stand next to your bed ready to wake you in the morning. [Read more…]

Felt iPhone 3G Case

Felt-iPhone-CaseThis iPhone case is made of felt and is designed to look like an iPhone it’s self. It was handmade and handstitched by an Etsy user and is a handy way to keep your iPhone scratch free.

The felt case measures 14.5cm by 8cm and fits a number of different phones and MP3 players inside. [Read more…]

Become a Jedi with the Star Wars Brain Trainer

star_wars_brain_trainingThe Star Wars Brain Trainer allows you to actually use the force. When you are now told to “Use the Force…” you actually can with this gadget.

The Brain Trainer puts you on the Jedi training path by using your mind to move a ball up and down a training tower by just thinking about it. The jedi trainer makes use of a headset that reacts to changes in your brainwaves. All you need to do is simply think and concentrate as much as possible and you will see results. [Read more…]

Modu Phone Changes Functions with New Cases

moduModu have created a tiny phone that has interchangeable cases that allows different features to be used. Examples of cases could include a music based case that would move the phone to show more music features, or the GPS case which would allow for navigation to be used. The Modu phone is also the lightest phone.

As of now, four casings are available. The phone it’s self is quite basic in that it has just a 1.3 inch OLED screen, Bluetooth, (no wi-fi) and it isn’t even 3G. [Read more…]