Acer Aspire One gets Full HD Upgrade

acer_netbook_broadcom_bcm70012_hd_upgradeNetbooks tend to struggle with HD video thanks to Intel’s GMA 950 graphics chip. What they could really do with is a Broadcom BCM70012 video accelerator that is capable of handling up to 1080p full HD resolutions.

The Broadcom BCM70012 is a mini PCI-e card that takes the strain off of the internal CPU. Not many netbooks actually come with this cool chip though (probably to cut costs down), so Terracode have upgraded their own Acer Aspire One 8.9″ netbook to include this chip.

When they opened up the netbook they decided to upgrade RAM and storage too and gave the Aspire One a 64GB SSD and 1GB of extra RAM making it one powerful little netbook. The netbook upgrade and the netbook it’s self cost just $442 which is not a bad price at all for what they got out of it. The only similar off the shelf product you could buy is the HP Mini 110 XP which with almost similar specs is actually $2 more. Check out the videos below showing the performance with and without the accelerator.



Via: SlashGear

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