Netbook TV Tuner to be Launched

haupmxL5007T1MaxLinear and Hauppauge Digital are working together to create a UMPC and netbook TV card. The netbook TV card will allow HD signals to be received over the air. The tv tuners for the netbook are based on the MXL5007T CMOS silicon tuner that MaxLinear builds.

As well as being able to pick up HD signals OTA the TV tuners will be capable of European standards that includes DVB-H, DMB-T, DVB-T and QAM.

Only 1 other netbook TV tuner card exists at the moment which can be found in the Dell Mini 10 netbook. This new card uses half the energy that the Mini 10 TV tuner uses making it ideal for netbook’s and battery saving. The energy used measures just 350mW and as it’s very small it tucks away neatly inside standard netbooks so that no extra bulk will occur.

Exciting stuff! It’s great to see netbooks feature packed with devices such as TV tuners, GPS and various other things that allow them to perform beyond their original standard design. Via: Slashgear and Liliputing

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