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Nintendo Launches Piano Game Accessory

piano-gameThe Nintendo DS is about to get a rather odd looking accessory for a new piano game that is launching. The game, that’s not actually a game but more of an educational title, is called Easy Piano and the piano attachment has a 1 octave keyboard with 8 notes that runs the full width of the DS.

The title is created by Namco Bandai and allows uses to start off simple and work their way up to classics from Mozart and Beethoven. Other tunes are also included in the piano game such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Jingle Bells to name a few. [Read more…]

iPhone Holder Gorilla Pod

Gorillamobile-Cellphone-TripodAs an iPhone holder, the Gorillamobile Gorillapod is a handy device to have. The gorillapod is normally associated with holding up digital cameras and attaching them to fences. The gorillamobile tripod is designed to hold your iPhone in various places. It has 3 flexible legs which can be position to stand or wrap around various objects.

Three types of quick-release adapters are available for the iPhone holder. The first is a standard screw thread that is compatible with digital cameras. The second is a suction cup designed for a temporary hold while the third method uses an adhesive clip which leaves no residue when removed. [Read more…]

Skype Could Shut Down according to eBay

skypeSkype might just have to shut down sometime in the near future as the original founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis who now own Joltid are revoking the licence agreement for the P2P software that Skype uses to run.

eBay are working on new P2P software to run free of the licensing agreement, but that software might not be built in time for the shutdown. If this all happens as eBay have described it then it would leave about 480 million users without VoIP service for some time. [Read more…]

AAXA Pico Projector P2 – SVGA Resolution

aaxa-p2-projectorAAXA have created their second generation Pico projector. It is named the P2 and has upped the resolution to SVGA which is 800 x 600 pixels. A 33 lumen LED light source throws an image up to 80″ in size. Currently, this is the highest spec Pico projector on the market (well, almost as it’s still only available by pre-order).

The projector measures 4.3″x2.1″x1″, and weights 260 grams. The unit has a VGA input which accepts a resolution of 1280 x 720 and batter life for the unit is just 35 minutes which you have to admit, it’s the greatest. However, optional batteries are available that will see the projector run for either 70 or 180 additional minutes. [Read more…]

2TB Apple Time Capsule now Available

new-time-capsuleApple has finally launched it’s 2TB time capsule. We first heard about the 2TB model several months ago and wondered when it would surface.

The Apple Time Capsule also appears to function as an 802.11n Wi-Fi base station and can support dual band too. The time capsule is a wireless hard drive that works seamlessly with Time Machine in the Mac OS X Leopard system. [Read more…]

iPhone Charging with a Netbook Battery

netbook-iphone-chargerA guy over at prusadjs has hacked up his old MSI Wind 3 cell battery, attached a USB connector and now it is capable of charging an iPhone.

The iPhone takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge and the netbook battery is left with about 50% of it’s charge left meaning a second full charge of the iPhone should be possible. [Read more…]

iPhone Document Scanner

iPhone-document-scannerThe iPhone Document scanner was designed and built by Kyle Koch and was an answer to problems he had taking pictures of class assignments (so that he didn’t loose them).

Documents taken by hand normally came out clear, but occasionally there was a bit of blur which is why this iPhone Document Scanner was his answer. Mixing this custom document scanner with software like Evernote and you have quite a decent system to store all of your documents digitally and as it’s all stored on the iPhone it means you can sync it with your computer and take documents everywhere with you. [Read more…]

Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card

plastinkuzz_dj_scratch_cardThese Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch cards allow you to carry a turntable in your pocket ready to be used for impromptu scratching. Each has a colorssurface that allows you to run your fingernail across it to create some sort of scratching noise.

Each card uses a lenticular technology to make it appear that the turntable is actually floating above the surface of the card. [Read more…]

Mario Crochet Hat

Mario-Crochet-HatCheck out this Mario Crochet Hat I guess designed to make you look like the Mushroom character from the popular game series.

Each of the Mario Crochet hats are hand-made and colours can be chosen too. [Read more…]

Digital Monkey Wrench

digital-ratchet-monkey-wrenchWhen using a wrench it’s generally obvious when it’s done it’s job and the bolts are tight enough. The digital monkey wrench is designed for those who are not convinced with the feel and need something to tell them all is well.

It has a digital display telling you exactly when you can stop tightening. Also if you are too strong then it will let you know you should calm down a bit rather than break things. [Read more…]

VoIP for Palm Pre

VOIP-app-Palm-PreA new Palm Pre app has just been announced by VOXOFON. The application will be the first VoIP for Palm Pre app and as it will use VoIP it will allow international calls to be made starting at 1.3 cents per minute.

The application makes use of your data plan, so if you intend to use this then go careful if you are not on an unlimited plan. The VoIP app will use a 1 – 2KB data stream to establish the phone calls. [Read more…]

Acer Delays the Android Netbook

android-acerA few months ago Acer announced that they were introducing a new netbook that would dual boot in to either Windows XP or Android. If launched it would have been the first Android powered netbook to be launched. Unfortunately Acer have delayed this a few months due to not being able to find a market for a netbook of this specification.

The worry about finding the right market is that they don’t want an almost brand-new operating system landing in the hands of those who do not know how to use it. It was to be aimed at the less tech savvy but out of those, many wouldn’t really see a need or understand why the netbook dual boots. [Read more…]