LG 21:9 BL40 Phone Spotted

lg_bl40_leakThe LG BL40 phone which has a unique 21:9 screen aspect ratio was spotted recently in a more public setting. A team over at Sina managed to take a quick look at a BL40 prototype and also were able to grab a couple of pictures of it.

The phone certainly is different having that very wide cinema style aspect ration which makes the phone also slightly longer than normal. The screen measures 4 inches and is 800 x 345 pixels in resolution. Multi-touch is included on the screen and the LG BL40 uses LG’s S-Class 3D user interface.

The camera is 5 megapixels and inside you’ll find Wi-Fi, an FM transmitter and a memory card slot that accepts microSD cards. 335MB of internal storage is included.

Although not a full review by anymeans, it is nice to see this phone actually does exist and should be making it’s way to market sometime soon all being well. Via: SlashGear



  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    …which makes it really awkward to get a case for and carry around. No sale.

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