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Nano-Tech Aqua Dance Game

aqua_dance_gameThe Aqua Dance Game uses nano-technology to create hyper-beading water particles. What you do is fill up the tank with regular water, push a pump a few times to pressurise the water. You then turn a lever underneath that controls the size and speed of the water beads and then sit back and watch the crazy water bounce off the nano-tech surface which causes the hyper-bead to happen.

With the reduced friction the natural surface tension of the water takes over to create some unusual liquid dynamics. You’ll find beautiful patterns in the water that are different each time. The ridges and funnels on the surface scatter the water in unpredictable ways as it zooms like quicksilver to the bottom.

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Pill MP3 Player

pill-mp3-playerThe Pill MP3 Player measures 2.7 inches long and is 1 inch in diameter. To access the controls of the Pill MP3 the user needs to pull apart the player. To skip tracks the user needs to twist the player either backwards or forwards depending on which way the skip needs to be.

It’s an odd looking MP3 player. Unfortunately there are no details on what it can store, what the battery life is like and how music can be transferred to it. I assume there will be somewhere to connect a USB cable to so you can drag and drop music to internal memory. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G S Announced – S = Speed

Apple have announced the latest release of the much rumoured new iPhone. It is named the iPhone 3G S where S = Speed. Although not much at all has changed with the look of the phone there are certainly some nice improvements to the innards in terms of new software features with the largest enhancement being the speed. [Read more…]

NTT Prototype Phones Revealed

Telecoms company NTT have created a few prototype accessories for mobile phones of the future. The accessories include a large color flexible screen, a blood testing kit and a flute attachment. You could say that it’s a rather odd combination! [Read more…]

Acer 3D Aspire Laptop Coming October 2009

acer_aspire_3d_notebookAcer are launching a new 3D laptop in this Aspire range which will have a 15.6 inch screen. To view the 3D effect you will need to wear 3D stereoscopic glasses. Uses for a 3D screen on a laptop sway more towards the gaming and video scene allowing the viewer to more immerse in the game or movie.

Software will be installed on the Aspire 3D which will some how be capable of taking a regular 2D image and convert it in to 3D. The hardware used to achive this was jointly developed by a company named Wistron although it is unclear at the moment if Acer will use NVIDIA like the similar HP 3D laptop will use. [Read more…]

iFixit Pull apart the Palm Pre

As usual, the guys over at iFixit have been busy this weekend with the launch of the Palm Pre. They spent the night waiting inline outside a sprint store ready to grab one of the first Palm Pre’s. In traditional style, iFixit took it back home and started to carefully tear it apart. [Read more…]

Palm Pre on eBay – Contract Free – $899

palm-pre-ebayA seller on eBay has somehow managed to get his hands on some early Palm Pre’s which are boxed, contract free and selling for $899 with free shipping.

The seller describes the items as follows…
Carrier: Sprint Nextel
Technology: CDMA
Contract: Without Contract
Camera: 3 Megapixels & Up
Brand: Palm
Features: Bluetooth Enabled, Calendar, Color Screen, Email Access, GPS, Internet Browser, Java Enabled, MMS Enabled, MP3 Player, PDA-PC Sync, Polyphonic Ringtones, SMS-Text Messaging, Speakerphone, Touch Screen, USB Interface, Voice-Activated Dialing
Model: PRE
Condition: New, Never Opened
Type: Smartphone (PDA Phone) [Read more…]

NEC 43″ CRT Now Available

NEC have finally launched the 43 inch CRV43 CRT monitor that was first shown at CES last year. The CRV43 is a large curved monitor that carries a hefty $8000 price tag. The monitor is not just 1 screen and is actually 4 that are stitched together side by side to create the large curve. [Read more…]

Pocket GPS Locator Helps you Find your Lost Car

This little pocket GPS keyring is a device that you carry on your keys and store the location of your car’s GPS co-ordinates when parked. The idea behind it is that you park your car, push a button to store the location of your car and then walk away. When it’s time to get back to your car you simply tell the device you want to go back to your car and an intelligent digital compass tells you what way to go. Of course, locating a car is just 1 way to make use of this GPS keyring. [Read more…]

CrunchPad Prototype Released

TechCrunch have been working on the CrunchPad for a few months now and have recently unveiled the latest prototype which is a significant step in to this device actually making it to production. The CrunchPad is a Linux powered device that boots right in to a web browser. TechCrunch describe the goal as follows…

…a very thin and light touch screen computer, sans physical keyboard, that has no hard drive and boots directly to a browser to surf the web. The operating system exists solely to handle the hardware drivers and run the browser and associated applications. That’s it.

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Grassy Lawn Charging Station

grassy_lawn_charging_stationThe Grassy Lawn Charging Station is a charging gadget that allows you to conceal all the power supply’s and cables inside the a compartment under the grass. You then snake the cables through the grass and plug them in to your phone and lay the phone, camera or whatever else is charging just resting nice and tidily on the grass.

Although it would have been cool if this was an induction based charging unit to wirelessly charge your gadgets I still think the idea is great. [Read more…]

All-In-One Multimedia Projector

projector_dvd_playerThis projector is more then your average projector. It functions as a projector, media player, DVD player and a video games console all in the 1 device. It is named the CVGI-E28 and is an LED based projector that has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and can throw a fairly large screen measuring over 100 inches in size.

The CVGI-E28 has several inputs allowing VGA, HDMI, S-Video and composite inputs. However, as it’s all built in you can actually just plug in the device and use the built in DVD player to play your content. Sound is also built in allowing for stereo sound to be played direct from the projector. [Read more…]