Acer 3D Aspire Laptop Coming October 2009

acer_aspire_3d_notebookAcer are launching a new 3D laptop in this Aspire range which will have a 15.6 inch screen. To view the 3D effect you will need to wear 3D stereoscopic glasses. Uses for a 3D screen on a laptop sway more towards the gaming and video scene allowing the viewer to more immerse in the game or movie.

Software will be installed on the Aspire 3D which will some how be capable of taking a regular 2D image and convert it in to 3D. The hardware used to achive this was jointly developed by a company named Wistron although it is unclear at the moment if Acer will use NVIDIA like the similar HP 3D laptop will use.

Windows 7 will come pre installed on the laptop and as of now we only know the release date to be October this year.


  1. james braselton says

    hi there wow i wounder if acer will offer the 3D laptop with a intel 320 gb ssd flash drive or solid state flash drive at 320 gegabytes or if any ssd options will be avalibal

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