Pocket GPS Locator Helps you Find your Lost Car

This little pocket GPS keyring is a device that you carry on your keys and store the location of your car’s GPS co-ordinates when parked. The idea behind it is that you park your car, push a button to store the location of your car and then walk away. When it’s time to get back to your car you simply tell the device you want to go back to your car and an intelligent digital compass tells you what way to go. Of course, locating a car is just 1 way to make use of this GPS keyring.

Pocket GPS Locator Features

* Smallest high tech GPS fob
* Users can locate their car or mulitple locations within seconds
* Range of 10 feet to 9,999 miles, worldwide use
* Self-contained system with no need for a receiver in the car
* No monthly service charge

The GPS locator is available from Amazon and currently costs $89.99.

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