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Asus Blu-Ray USB Drive

asus-blu-ray-usb-driveAsus have created a new Blu-Ray USB Drive. The drive has a read speed of 4.8x for BD’s and can read/write CD’s and DVD’s. Unfortunately it does not write BD’s though.

The Blu-Ray drive, numbered ASUS SBC-04D1S-U comes with a stand allowing it to be mounted vertically if needed. The downside of the drive (apart from the no writing BD thing) is that it’s tray loading rather then slot which I would have more expected with this unit. [Read more…]

Dell Android MID Rumoured

dell-mid-rumorDell have been rumoured recently to be working on a number of devices. A few weeks ago there was mention of the Dell Android phone which might be appearing later this year. A new device which they also might be working on is a Dell Android MID (Mobile Internet Device).

This might not be far from the truth because we found out from an accidental published press release last month that Dell were launching a Dell Android Netbook. [Read more…]

microUSB is the new Mobile Phone Charging Standard

microusb-standard-chargerFor the last few years the GSM Association has been trying to get a charging standard across all mobile phones. Finally, the new standard has emerged with microUSB being the new way to connect a charger to your mobile phone. The roll out will start in Europe over the next few years where the large manufacturers which includes LG, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Research in Motion, NEX, Qualcomm and TI. Strangely enough, there is no mention of HTC who have become big in the smart phone race. However, I believe that most, if not all, of their phones already use the microUSB standard to charge. [Read more…]

Silverlit Heli-Mission RC SWAT Truck

RC cars and RC Helicopters are perhaps the best toys around. Thanks to Silverlit you can now play with both together in the form of the Heli-Mission RC SWAT Truck that hides an RC helicopter in the back of it. [Read more…]

iPhone Cufflinks

These miniature iPhone Cufflinks have been created by and are shaped, as the name suggest, like iPhones. Each comes complete with all the favourite apps on the home screen and the screen is mounted on to a silver plated setting. [Read more…]

Let your Followers know you are Alive

twitter_deviceA group of Twitter users have been working on a project that is named the Akiduki Pulse Box. The project box automatically updates your twitter account with your heartrate details which in turn, lets your followers know you are alive.

The box has a button on top that you press for a few seconds. The box then captures data and posts the heart rate as well as a quick evaluation on how you are doing. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G S Jailbreak Ready – But you’re not allowed it yet

The iPhone 3G S has been cracked now by the Dev Team. However, they have decided not to release it just yet. There is a good reason for this though which is they are expecting Apple to release a 3G S update sooner rather then later to fix a few bugs. If the Dev Team let the hack out in to the open then Apple will use it to fix this upcoming update, thus blocking all new iPhone 3G S users from having their iPhone 3G S jailbreak capable. [Read more…]

HTC Hero Coming to the UK on 15th July

For us lot in the UK it seems like the 15th July could be the release date for the new HTC Hero Android phone that was mentioned here recently. The information comes from [Read more…]

Winner of the Gadget Venue MP4 Player Competition

After running our first ever competition here on Gadget Venue we are now happy to announce the winner of the Sansa MP4 player. Congratulations go to Hannah who has been contacted by email and has 7 days to respond or we re-pick a new winner 🙂

The winner was picked by putting all email addresses in a spreadsheet and numbering them 1 – 52 (we had 52 entries). was then used to pick the winning number.

Objet Connex350 3D Printing System

We recently received details on a new 3D printer from Objet. The printer is named the Connex350 and is a multi-material 3D printing system which creates some stunning results. With the Connex350 being multi-material it is capable of printing a 3D object, with different materials in just a single build process. [Read more…]

Transformer Cufflinks – Now Silver Plated

Some Transformer Cufflinks have been created which unlike their previous versions these new ones are now silver plated. [Read more…]

Bike Safety Increased with Light Lane

The Light Lane is a cool idea where a laser is used to project a bike lane on to the road around a bike. The idea here is that the bright lit laser created lane will allow drivers to more clearly see the bike rider and hence, lower the risk of the rider being on the road. [Read more…]