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NES Controller Pendant

The NES Controller Pendant was custom built by an Etsy seller named Sarah Lynne who runs Sarah Lynne Designs. It was put together by using wire, paper and paint. [Read more…]

AT&T to Follow O2 by Charging for Tethering

att_iphone_tethering_55-dollars_rumorTethering is a way provided which allows you to connect your laptop to a mobile phone (either by USB or bluetooth) and use the phones 3G capabilities to surf the net. Network providers generally frown upon this. Yesterday saw a relatively easy hack which allowed users to tweak their iPhone 3G S settings to allow for free tethering. What we now hear is that AT&T want to make tethering official… with a $55/month charge.

This move follows the UK’s iPhone provider who will charge between £14 and £30/month depending on what package you get. [Read more…]

Mobidaptor – USB Flash Converter for Mobiles

mobidapterThe Mobidaptor is quite a handy device which allows you to hook up a USB flash memory drive up to any device that contains an SD or microSD slot. If you have a need to get some files from phone to PC or vice-versa and don’t want to email them (and don’t have your USB cable) then this is perfect for you. You simply just plug in the flash drive to the Mobidapter which in turn, connects to your phone and copy away.

A limit of 32GB is in place on the host which pretty much covers the majority of flash drives out there anyway. [Read more…]

128GB Kingston DataTraveller 200 Thumb Drive

128gbusbKingston have made the worlds first real 128GB thumbdrive. It is named the DataTraveller 200 and actually shows up on Kingstons own site.

The 128GB drive is not available off the shelf though and is built to order as it has a fairly big price tag of $546. Smaller options are available that have a 64GB and 32GB capacity which seems a little more realistic. The 64GB model will cost $213 while the 32GB version will cost $120. [Read more…]

OCam CCD200 – World’s Most Sensitive Camera

ocamThe little gold coloured chip pictured here is actually the worlds most sensitive camera that is capable of capturing planets orbiting distant stars.

The camera is made here in the UK and is named the OCam CCD200. The sensor is to be used in VLT’s (very large telescopes) and will capture images at a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels… yes, you heard me correctly… 240 x 240 pixels which makes it 1/20th of a megapixel. But, the reason for this is that it will shoot 1500 images per second which makes it extremely sensitive that allows it to capture planets orbiting planets of nearby stars. [Read more…]

Lenovo Leak – New Laptops on the Way

Engadget have stumbled across what appears to be a roadmap for Lenova’s new range of laptops that will be rolled out over the next 9 months. 5 Screen sizes are revealed with 1 – 4 laptops in each screen size range. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G S Gets Taken Apart

Thanks to the Orange Boutique in Paris, France for opening at midnight last night. Due to this, RapidRepair were one of the first to get hold of an iPhone 3G s. Several hours later they have now completely dismantled the iPhone 3G S to see what exactly the S brings to the new phone. [Read more…]

GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab

geosafari_digital_recording_labThe GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab is a device that allows you to mess around with a bunch of sounds. There are 59 projects included that you can choose to work through which show you how different sounds are created.

The components used to make the sounds are permanently installed on the main board and the user just needs to connect them together with wires. The project book shows the user the correct orders to wire it all up and at the same time teaches you how transistors, capacitors, resistors and other components actually work. [Read more…]

Go Computer gets your Grandma Online

go-computerThis computer, named Go Computer, is aimed at the older generation. It achieves the target by having a larger typeface keyboard then normal that also includes color coded keys as well as a trackball.

To get it working it simply needs somewhere to plug it in and a broadband connection. The LCD monitor that measures somewhere between 19″ and 22″ has an EeeBox PC attached to the back that runs the MyGait operating system that was designed to be more friendly. [Read more…]

ASUS Eee PC T91 Now Available

asus-eee-pc-t91-convertible-netbook-tabletOfficial details now launched about the Asus Eee T91 tablet netbook.

ASUS have listed their latest Eee PC on their website. It is named the Eee PC T91 and is a bit different to other Eee netbooks that you will have seen.

The Asus T91 is another netbook but rather then being just a netbook, it is also a tablet too making it a netbook tablet. It has an 8.9″ touchscreen and is powered by an Intel Z520 1.33GHz Atom Processor. 1GB of RAM can be found in the netbook along with an SSD with a 16GB capacity. [Read more…]

Car Performance Analyst

car-performance-analystThe Car Performance Analyst is a small device about the size of a Sat Nav that allows you to monitor your cars acceleration, horsepower, torque to name a few. It comes with a 4.3 inch color touchscreen that allows you to view exactly what’s happening in your car.

The gauges on screen allow you to customise them so that you can measure and report back on your 1/4 mile run or your 0 – 60 time. All data can optionally be stored on an SD card so you can run tests at various times of the day. [Read more…]

Phosphor E-Ink Watch

Phosphor have created a nice looking watch that doesn’t use the traditional LED or LCD screen that we find in most digital watches. Instead they have used E-Ink to display the time on the face of the watch. [Read more…]