Mobidaptor – USB Flash Converter for Mobiles

mobidapterThe Mobidaptor is quite a handy device which allows you to hook up a USB flash memory drive up to any device that contains an SD or microSD slot. If you have a need to get some files from phone to PC or vice-versa and don’t want to email them (and don’t have your USB cable) then this is perfect for you. You simply just plug in the flash drive to the Mobidapter which in turn, connects to your phone and copy away.

A limit of 32GB is in place on the host which pretty much covers the majority of flash drives out there anyway.

The unit is powered from the SD or microSD slot meaning that batteries are not needed. It is priced at $65.

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  1. Chris - LG Blog UK says

    Not bad. Personally I still use bluetooth a hell of a lot to do that kind of thing.

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