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Greenbox Wastes No Electricity – Well Some

The GreenBox is a home-made project that allows you to waste no energy at all when charging your mobile phone. It’s designed to look old fashioned on the outside but inside the box is some basic stuff which automatically disconnects power to the phone once the lid of the case is shut down. [Read more…]

Toshiba Portable Hard Drives with Backup and Security

Toshiba have launched new portable hard drives. New features include better backup functions and greater security. This allows both beginner and advanced users to feel comfortable storing data on to the USB hard drives. [Read more…]

LG GM730 – Coming in July

LG have announced a new phone to arrive soon to the market named the LG GM730. The GM730 is LG’s first smartphone that will run the Windows Mobile OS. WM 6.1 will be used that is also integrated with the 3D S-Class UI that sits on top of Windows Mobile making a very nice smartphone to work with. [Read more…]

Pacman Coaster Set

pacman-coaster-setThis cool set of Pacman Coasters is made by Etsy seller lostmitten. 6 coasters are included in the set which come detailed with the famous Pacman Characters along with power pellets to finish off the design work.

A Coaster Box is included in the sale which allows you to store the coasters inside. 6 coasters are included in the set which have four ghosts that come in red, pink, blue and orange colours along with Pacman himself and a dark blue ghost. [Read more…]

Apple Sells 1 Million iPhone 3G S Models in 3 Days

Apple have announced that they sold an incredible 1 million iPhone 3G S models in 3 days of launch. As well as selling a million new phones Apple also mention that 6 million iPhone users have also downloaded the latest OS 3.0 firmware for the phone. [Read more…]

Smart Ball Baseball Tracks the Speed it Travels

This cool baseball has a built-in speed tracking system. It is named the Smart Ball and can track it’s self up to speeds of 120MPH. [Read more…]

Orange Solar Concept Tent

The Orange tent is a concept idea which aims to be the “Tent of the Future”. It was designed by Orange and is covered with fabric solar panels allowing you to make sure your essential gadgets can always be kept charged. [Read more…]

Nintendo DS Lite gets Handmade Super Mario Pouch

These cool carry cases have been made to carry a Nintendo DS Lite. They are soft and hand sewn along with appliqu© work which gives a 3D effect for the Super Mario Bros logo shown on the front. [Read more…]

Kohjinsha SK3 – Touchscreen Netbook

The SK3 is a new touchscreen netbook (tablet) from Kohjinsha that features a 7″ screen. It is an upgrade from a previous model. Included in the new release is a new battery and camera. [Read more…]

Red Ring of Death Coasters

red-ring-of-death-coastersThe RRoD (Red Ring of Death) is one thing that all XBox 360 owners fear will happen to their beloved console one day. When the red ring starts to flash you know your in trouble.

The RRoD can happen happen for a number of reasons which we wont go in to here as the RRoD we are talking about today is actually a coaster for putting drinks on.

The Red Ring of Death Coasters were designed for XBox owners to always remember what the RRoD is and how upsetting it can be 🙂 [Read more…]

gadgetvenue Competition – Win an MP4 Player

Competition Now Closed. Winner will be announced this weekend. A new competition will be announced tomorrow (Saturday).

sandisk-sansa-viewWe are starting up a weekly competition here at gadgetvenue that will start each Friday evening with the winner chosen the following Friday. For our first giveaway we are offering a SanDisk Sansa View 16GB MP4 player* which was reviewed several months ago at the link above.

SanDisk Sansa View is a 16GB flash based MP4 player. It measures 4.29 x 1.95 x 0.41-inches and weighs 2.9 oz…

[Read more…]

Another iPhone 3G S Tear Down

This morning we mentioned that the iPhone 3G S was taken apart by RapidRepair. iFixit were the next who got on to the tear down process by creating a detailed report of what is included in the iPhone 3G S. [Read more…]