Lenovo Leak – New Laptops on the Way

Engadget have stumbled across what appears to be a roadmap for Lenova’s new range of laptops that will be rolled out over the next 9 months. 5 Screen sizes are revealed with 1 – 4 laptops in each screen size range.

The 12″ screen laptops include the X200s/X200t, X200, X200 ULV. The 13″ screen Lenovo’s include the X301 and the SL300. Moving on to the 14″ Lenovo’s there is a T400, R400 and SL400. The 15.4″ model has the most variety with 4 laptops being include which are the W500, T500, R500 and SL500. The final model is a 17″ W700 which will be made available by order.

The images below show the roadmap of what will becoming available and when. The ones highlighted in pink are Capella platform based.



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