AT&T to Follow O2 by Charging for Tethering

att_iphone_tethering_55-dollars_rumorTethering is a way provided which allows you to connect your laptop to a mobile phone (either by USB or bluetooth) and use the phones 3G capabilities to surf the net. Network providers generally frown upon this. Yesterday saw a relatively easy hack which allowed users to tweak their iPhone 3G S settings to allow for free tethering. What we now hear is that AT&T want to make tethering official… with a $55/month charge.

This move follows the UK’s iPhone provider who will charge between £14 and £30/month depending on what package you get.

AT&T official tethering will be made available at the end of July. It’s a shame mobile providers have to charge an arm and a leg for tethering. I am ok with paying a small fee of a few GBP a month, but when it climbs in to the region of a whole new subscription price I think they are just pushing it too far.

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